Orientation Weekend

Orientation Weekend is an information-packed, fun-filled get together for incoming students and families. Here is a quick rundown of the main events – with commentary by Director of Student Activities and Diversity Programs, Scott Towers!


Saturday, Aug 24 Sunday, Aug 25

Scott Towers

Director of Student Activities and Diversity Programs

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International Students!

Orientation for international students begins on Tuesday, August 20th, with welcoming at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York City. On Wednesday, August 21st, international students will hit the Big Aggle and see a musical on Broadway, with dinner at the View Lounge. Your forms – Passport, Visa, I-20 and Student ID – will be taken care of on the 22nd, and a full “Welcome to Post” tour is done for you on the 23rd!

Arrive on Saturday
August 24, 2019

  • 8:00 AM-11:00 AM Residential students arrive on campus
  • 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Commuter students arrive on campus
Scott says

This is where you’ll be greeted by the Post family, check in, get cleared by our offices, and get to move your things into your room. You will also receive your copy of Educated by Tara Westover for your required Common Read for the first semester. This often makes students and parents hungry, so lunch is provided to everyone!

Female students eating lunch
Lunch burst

After Lunch

Convocation Ceremony

The ceremony is a pretty cool moment, as this is where you are formally admitted into the Post community. It’s designed to mirror your eventual commencement. You’ll enter as a procession, wearing your orientation shirts, with bagpipes leading the way and everything! The Provost welcomes you, and you recite the Post Pledge. Students love it. Parents really love it!

  • 2:15 PM-3:15 PM Question & Answer Session for parents
  • 3:30 PM Parents and families are excused
  • 3:30 PM-10:00 PM Sessions and Activities!
John Hopkins speaking
Orientation group
Aug 25

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Post team
  • 8:00 AM-9:00 AM Optional breakfast
  • 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Sessions
  • 6:00 PM-10:00 PM Welcome Back BBQ & Activities
Scott says

As a new student, you’ve arrived on Saturday. The older students come back to join the Post community on Sunday. We celebrate this with a huge Barbecue and set of activities, where everyone gets to meet and have a good time!

But wait, there's more

The coolest part about Post Orientation is that it’s not just a two-day experience. Orientation actually continues for the first 8 weeks of the semester. Each week had a different theme to assist you in making an easier transition into college life. Orientation Leaders remain on staff, checking in to see how you’re progressing each week and to be helpful.

The 8 Week Themes

Week 1

Sense of Belonging, Feeling Welcome, Building Relationships and Getting Involved

Week 2

Campus Resources

Week 3

Wellness and Safety

Week 4

Academic Success

Week 5

Sense of Pride/School Spirit (Homecoming!)

Week 6

Mentorship and Financial Success

Week 7

Diversity and Acceptance

Week 8

Meeting Goals and Personal Reflection

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